Toilet Water Closet Prices In Nigeria

Here are the current prices for restroom equipment the water closet for toilet also known as the toilet seat.

Water Closet is made from the ceramic which is used as a toilet. This kind of toilets is more hygiene and easy to clean. The Toilet which is designed to sit on is known as water closets. It usually comes in a set consisting of

1. The flush tank (has a 5 to 10-liter water tank)
2. Seat cover
3. Water closet itself.

It is connected in that order, first, the tank which used for flushing is connected to the water closet which is then connected to the drainage via a plastic pipe.

Accessories for Water Closet:

When you buy a water closet here are what comes with it the fittings & Accessories should be available.

i) Seat Cover with fittings

ii) Floor mount Fittings or Wall mount fittings

iii) Flushing Tank.

Iv) Water sealant(Gasket).
Before we go into the prices let’s look at the different designs of water closet available for Nigeria today. We will look at the ones the plumbers consider original and fake, then we will recommend some quality ones we’ve used for our client over the years.

Different designs of water closets

1) Standard water closet.

2) One piece water closet.

3) Two-piece water closet.

4) wall hung Water closet

5) ‘S’ trap Water Closet.

6) ‘P’ trap Water Closet

Don’t buy any other WC outside the above-listed designs, as this are ones that will last, WC is designed to last a minimum of 10,000 usages.

Some recommendations

Buying from the recommended will get you quality ones, plus a discount in some cases.

1. Twyford Water Closet Close Coupled One of the top brands when it comes to manufacturing toilet equipment, this one comes in a complete set, it has the toilet seat, tank, and sink.

A Mini WC set. It is consists of toilet seat, basin and pedestal. Plus free basin mixer. It is made with quality ceramic material.
Get It Now It is about ₦38,000

2. Twyford Children Water Closet, Toilet Seat & Tank Another product from Twyford, this standard WC is specifically made for children and the elderly as it is quite durable, easy to flush and doesn’t use much water. It comes with the seat, and the tank.
Get it now  for ₦54,500 

3. Water Closet – Pedestal Basin With Mixer Tap + Executive Toilet Seat This stylish designer WC is made for luxury, it is a complete set that has Pedestal basin along with an executive Toilet seat. The feel is out of this world, recommended for those that find it somehow difficult to poo.
It is an S-trap toilet seat.
Get it Now  for ₦140,000

There are many others available both on the open market and online, for other online types of WC and their prices, see this link 
In the Nigerian open market, you can find others that may be lesser in price, though there is no way to verify the quality.
If you have any question ask below.

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