Other Sites like Newspayforum and Giftalworld Without Payment

These sites will make your money straight to your bank account in Nigeria, even without paying any person to register you. What you just need to do is be with your own Android, Computer, or iPhone. These sites are similar to Giftalworld and Newspayforum but different in its own way. Did Giftalworld pay you? Well, I don’t know as there are many people complaining of not paying, they’ve been behaving somehow lately.

Some said they are seeing money on their account, but can’t withdraw it. Some can withdraw, but it’s one-third of what they made. Well, it is what is it. Giftalworld may soon go the way of MMM if care is not taken. Despite that there people that have made thousands of money on this platform.

Whenever a new network is launched, they are very serious in paying people. Just like Giftalworld and Newspayforum. These alternatives sites will pay you. But right now we take a look at this new, news reading platform that can accept you even without payment. Apart from news, you can also watch videos, use social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you can also earn through commenting, some of these sites pay you whenever you open their application, especially if the network has an application on play store or iOS store.

Well, things are difficult and we all are looking for a way to make money doing, without having to pay through your noses. This is why we will highlight these websites and apps for you to make money.

They are


Some frequently asked questions

Can I make money in Nigeria as a student with this?


Yes, you can make money as a student, as these do not take much of your time, just open the site or app, browse the available news, comment if you can and watch your earnings.

Can I make online money in Nigeria without payment?

Yes of course some of these sites and apps will allow you to start making money even without paying for any membership level.

How do I receive my money when I cash out?

Some of them are through direct deposit to your bank account, while some are other forms of payment method.

Which currency do they pay?

Some pay with Nigerian Naira, while some pay with United States dollars and Euro.

How many days can I cash out my money?

Some allow 30 days cash out, while some platforms you can cash out any time you want.

Giftalworld & Newspayforum Alternatives: Sites To Make Money Online In Nigeria Free

1. Nairamoney

Nairamone- Make money online in Nigeria

The Nairamoney web and app version tops my list today, this platform actually pays, it is a new entrant to the make money online in Nigeria market.

How they work


Advertisers pay them to put up their offers called to task on their platform. Users are required to complete these tasks per day. The minimum withdrawal is N5000.

You can withdraw directly to your bank account, whether it’s savings or current account, it doesn’t matter.

They work on the 30%-70% model, Nairamoney takes 30% of the money while you take 70 percent for each completed offer.

Unlike Giftalworld and Newspayforum which request for payment before you can register. This app does not make payment compulsory.

You can actually start free and make money.

Ways to earn

The main ways to earn with this app is

– Completing tasks which include; Reading news, commenting, sharing, and watching videos.
-Referring people

Well I decided to register and see who far I can go, is two weeks on registering via this app, I have already cashed out.

However I made the money through referring people, I’m yet to reach the minimum withdrawal threshold for performing tasks. All on the free plan.

I’m upgrading later, as most high paying tasks are for the ones that have upgraded.

How to start earning with Nairamoney

– If you have an Android phone go to play store and download the Nairamoney app

– Register, select the plan you want to (I suggest you use paid if you really want to earn faster)

After registration and confirmation, click on start earning to start performing tasks.

If you don’t have an Android phone, you can use any phone or computer and register through their web platform, you can then perform tasks via their web platform. Click here to visit their web platform.

Note: Don’t neglect to refer people, as you get N500 for each qualifying referral. That’s cool money made.

2. Picoworkers

Picoworkers- Make online in NIgeria

Do you want to earn in United States dollars? Then this site makes sure you are paid in this currency.

Like Newspayforum, Picoworkers pays you to perform tasks like watching YouTube videos, reading news, following people on Instagram, and Twitter. Etc.

Pico minimum withdrawal limit is $10 flat through PayPal, they also have other withdrawal options that are not stated publicly, if you don’t have Paypal you have to chat them.

As for registering

You can register just like any other site.

  • Enter Picoworkers and click on Register/login.
  • Now fill in your details and complete the rest of the form
  • Confirm your registration from your email’s inbox and proceed to log in.
  • Once logged in go to your account and start earning. Remember, registration is free.

3. Rapidworkers

Rappidshare-Make money online Nigeria

One of the best micro working app out there, with Rappidworkwre you can earn in dollars, and withdraw to your account. They use mostly PayPal, but just contact them they will send it directly to your account if they confirm that your country is not able to receive money via PayPal.

RapidWorkers is a crowdsourcing service with more than 100,000 Workers.

To start earning with RapidWorkers you need to create an account.

How to register


  • Go-to RapidWorkers.com
  • Click on sign up
  • Fill in your name, email, password and select your Country
  • Then click create my account.
  • Now confirm the email, and log in to Rapidworkers.com
About withdrawal

Minimum Payout is $8

Payments are sent via PayPal

Payments are processed (Maximum 1 week after placing a withdrawal request)

Withdraw site fee is 6% for Paypal ( Note that Paypal may take off other fees.)

Registration is free!

4. LPVForum

LPVForum make money online in Nigeria

LPVForum is where you get paid for Commenting, reading news, posting, and sharing sponsored posts on your Facebook profile, etc.

LPVForum pays you to read and comment on their news. You don’t have to stress yourself, just read the news, share sponsored posts and you are done. It is just similar to Newspayforum.

How to register

There are 3 registration levels.

1. The free one (the free one is no longer available)
2. Gold
3. Platinum

To register to go through the free one you have to go to their site and

  • Click signup
  • Fill in your email, name, number, and password

The Premium Member Registers With N1500 and cannot create Forum Topics and the premium member registration fee is lifetime. While The Gold Member First Registers With N1500 (premium) and later upgrades to Gold member with N3000 and they can create Forum Topics and The Gold Member plan must be renewed every three months.

Minimum withdrawal is N10,000 Naira. You can withdraw every 30th of each month, once you’ve reached the withdrawal threshold.

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