Minimum Cost of Decking A House In Nigeria

Before you get the cost of decking a house in Nigeria you have to consider some factors, then you’ll arrive at the amount of money you need. 
Minimum Cost of Decking A House In Nigeria
I’ll also show you a finished decked house with the total money spent in decking the house and materials used.

Factors that determine how you end up spending

This factors can either make you spend more money on your building project or make you spend less on decking your house, this is why you should pay attention to each.

Size/type of the house

 Size of the house in question goes a long way in determining how much you end up spending. 
You can’t expect to spend the same amount of money used to deck a duplex on a twin duplex or a mansion. So size and the type of the house matters a lot.
If it is a story building type of house you’re building (Onitsha style i.e semi high rise or high rise), you’ll have to deck it multiple times depending on the number of floors too. You’ll spend more on a two-story building than one story building.

Prices of materials

Prices of materials used in decking a house are one of the major factors that determine the overall expenditure. Materials like rods and cement are major ones. 
In Nigeria, it is cheaper to deck a building during February – March period than November December time. This is because of the general increase in prices of goods and services which affect all areas of life especially in the southern part of Nigeria. In this part of the world, Christmas and New period is a signal for prices to increase, it affects the transportation, hospitality, and other sectors the construction sector is often the most affected.


This is an area you’ll want to look into. You have two option here, hire a company/individual to take care of the whole decking or hire workers one by one, that is stage hire.
This is necessary because decking a house in Nigeria involves 3 major steps or stages.

Stages of house decking in Nigeria

1. Carpenter is needed for constructing the platform that will house the rods and concrete mixture.
2. Iron benders are needed for bending irons to the required specification, then deploying to the platform and binding it.

3. An Electrician is needed for pipe laying and conduit wiring.

4. Mason and labors also knew mason servers are needed for mixing the concrete with cement and sand, which is then used to deck the building.

Company/Individual contract vs stage hire

Both have advantages and disadvantages. If you give Someone the contract of decking your house, you’ll avoid the stress of constant supervision and uncompleted work not completed on time.
But for stage hiring, you’ll have to constantly supervise them at each stage.
Which is cheaper?
Stage hiring is often cheaper but the difference in price is not much, you’ll have hired and supervise different workers for different stages of the decking process. 
Contract option is better, you get peace of mind knowing that one of the most important aspects of your house is done with quality materials. Sometimes the contract option is even cheaper.

Materials needed for decking a house in Nigeria

– Rods include binding wire
– Cement 
– Sand
– Granite/gravel/stone/concrete etc
– Nail
– Bamboo
– Workers include Carpenter, Electrician, Iron Bender, Mason, and laborers.
– Water

Prices of decking materials in Nigeria

16mm rod at N1750 each 
12mm rod at N900 each
8mm rod at N700 each 
Cement  N200 for one
Granite  around 40000 per trip/ton
Sand N16000 per trip
Binding wire N300 for one
Others are the cost of
Bamboo not fixed
Electrician not fixed 
Carpenter not fixed 
Iron bender.
All prices are in Naira.
Also, take note of some expenses like water and transportation.

How much can I budget for decking a house?

The minimum you should budget for decking a house of not more than 100sqm floor should be in the region of  800,000 to 1.3 million Naira depending on location and the period of the year, as ending of the year increases expenses and prices of commodities in the country.

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  1. Thanks for the great article. I’m not sure how recent this is but would you mind providing me an estimate for a plan I just received from my architect for a 2 storey building? I could use a second opinion and would really appreciate the help.

  2. Great article there! Pls can you give me a rough estimate for decking 5 bed room duplex with void at the centre? The plan has a small shoot out in front. My architect who doubles as my Engineer is estimating as ff:
    16mm 75 length
    12mm 100 length
    10mm 200length.
    Wood 1x12x12 800pieces
    Cement 250 bags
    Pls note that the columns have already been casted and the estimate above is only for decking area.
    I’m thinking the quantity for the wood and cement are rather high.
    Thanks in anticipation


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