Make Money Online In Nigeria: Nairamoney 10k/Week

This is the new kid on the block, the Nairamoney making app, instead of spending your time browsing on Facebook, using Social media to while away your time in this period of lockdown. Why don’t you make money with your time and a little data.

At Naijaworth we are interested in helping Nigerians make real money online with little or no cost.

And today we found a platform that pays you to complete various tasks online. These tasks are small and won’t take much of your time to complete. For each one you make money. You can even make money by just opening the application. And must of all it is free.

Ways to make money online using Nairamoney App

Some of the ways to make money via this app are

  • Reading news
  • Commenting
  • Filling short surveys
  • Watching videos

You can even earn opening the application.

Earn while you browse, with app no

– No initial capital required
– No payment required
– Earn thousands of Naira while doing what you want; browsing
– Refer friends to double you earnings

N5000 Minimum withdrawal.

How does Nairamoney make money to pay its users?

According to Nairamoney, they make money through advertisers, companies, and organizations may give them surveys, news, quizzes or

When you complete a task by one of our advertisers, you are paid we are paid too. These tasks are daily sometimes, and weekly some times, it depends on when the offer is available.

How you make money?

You make money in 3 ways

1. Earn by completing tasks
2. Earn by referral
3. Earn by opening app

1. Earn by completing task

When new task is available, such a task could be reading news, watching videos for a few seconds, doing a short survey, or simply commenting.

You can make money per day only Senior members can earn more.

The rates for each completed task are determined by the advertisers. They only take 20 percent of what you earn.

2. Earn by referral

If you invite your friends and families to Naira money you earn a small percentage of what they earn each day for two months. What this means is, for instance, your friend by name Mr. A joins with you as the sponsor, he completed a task and earn 1000 Naira every day, you get to earn 100 out of that 1000 he earned, this will continue every day for the next two months. (This model has been dropped, you now earn 20-500 naira per referral)

This figures can go much higher if the person’s you referred earns as high as N5000 ( which is the minimum amount one can make in a day)

Unless you want to upgrade to become a senior member, which unlocks all task to you, in that case you can even use the money you made to upgrade, other wise you can wait till you complete 500 task you’ll be automatically upgraded.


How much can I make?

You can make as much money as available. To maximize the amount you make always check the app from time to time as the more offers you to complete the more money you get.

When can I cash out?

Twice a month once you reach the minimum threshold.

What is the Minimum amount to be withdrawn?


How to start making money on Naira money

– Download from play store
– Install the application and open it.

– Sign up if you haven’t done so or sign in if you have registered.

To sign up

Open the Nairamoney app

Click on register

Select the plan you want (free or senior member)

If it’s a senior member you’ll have to pay N2000 this will enable you to earn more.

-If it’s a free plan, fill in the details and add my username “Tud” as the sponsor name ( this will enable me to earn N500 if you upgrade to the senior member)

After registration go-to start earning and begin earning money.

To start earning go-to task

– Complete the task
– Go-to submit a task and submit the task you completed

You’ll account will be credited at the end of the day.

Join my Team on WhatsApp we will show you how to make thousands of money with this app all for free. We only ask you to give us a small percentage of what you make when you cash out.





Why should I upgrade to Senior member?

🧶 Senior member has cashout preference (means there withdraws are consider first)

🧶approved comment is #6 * 50 post x 30 days = #9000

🧶 share of viral post #150 * 4 times * 4 weeks = #1800

🧶When you refer someone you get 20- 500 on senior member package.

Just activity earning if you are not too active on the site.


Start with the free option, you can upgrade later, perhaps when you have cashed out

Check out the alerts of our members

Those are some of the alerts, join my group to start making money for free, remember when a new platform goes online it will start paying this platform is new and currently paying, come let’s milk it. (Note:is no longer paying as is used to)

Join Telegram channel now Make real money you will see the various platforms that are paying

Join Nairamoney WhatsApp group(

If it gets filled up, we will stop taking in people, so hurry now.

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