Top Western Lotto High Paying Games In Nigeria

Here is top high paying western lotto games that you can play and win lots of Naira in Nigeria. They pay instant and the profits are all yours after tax.

With enough wisdom, you can take the money made and invest it in something better like properties and real estate. You may not even look for employment again as you will be your own boss. This is possible as so many people have won millions of money playing this game. You too can. But you have to be careful.
Again be careful as this type of lotto can make you poor or take all your money so play this Western lotto with wisdom, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
Helpful Tips
  1. Always play with the money you can spare
  2. There is no guaranty of winning as you can lose at anytime
  3. If you’re on a losing streak, take a break.

Offices of Western lotto in Nigeria

WL has official offices in various states in the country, they are in
  1. Abia
  2. Imo
  3. Lagos
  4. Ekiti
  5. Osun
  6. Abuja
  7. Oyo
  8. Benue
  9. Enugu
  10. Ondo
  11. Ebonyi
  12. Kaduna
  13. Kogi
  14. Kano
  15. Cross Rivers
  16. Akwa Ibom
  17. Kwara and
  18. Rivers state.
Top Western Lotto High Paying Games In Nigeria
Western Lotto Nigeria operates offices just like this
The above offices are just their official branch offices, they are many service outlets in many cities and towns.
See how to win big with this company.

How to fund your Western lotto account in Nigeria

To fund your WL account you need to have money in your bank account, You’ll have to add money to your online deposit to a section on the WL website. Depositing is possible via ATM cards, QuickTeller, GTBank, WebPay, and other payment options.

List of Western Lotto high paying games & how to play

Not all games give you cash there are ones that you can play and bank instantly, they are about five namely;
  • Powerball
  • Euro Millions
  • Jackpot for euro
  • Lottery UK
  • Million mega lotteries.
  1. POWERBALL: This is US-based gaming available twice per week usually Wednesdays and Saturdays nights.
How to play Western Lotto Powerball


  • Firstly a draw of 5 white balls is made out of 69 balls with 1 red ball known as the power ball. The balls are kept together in a container that has an additional 25 other red balls. Bringing the total to 69 white 26 red.
  • To win you have to pick a number from 1 – 69 as well as 1 power ball from the numbers 1- 26.

Strategy 1: You need to pick from the second attempt, you stand a higher chance of winning, you can reload the page to get the second attempt.

2. EURO MILLIONS: This unlike the power ball game, Is global lottery gameplay with it dating back in time to the 7th of the second month of the year (February), 2004.

How to play Western Lotto Euro millions
  • You have to choose numbers from 1 to 50
  • Next, one can then start picking what is known as 2 lucky (star) figures from a draw of 12 numbers.
  • The draws are carried out two times per week, days are Tuesday and Friday nights.

Strategy 2: In order to stand a better chance of winning on Euro millions you need to make sure you play on Tuesdays when the data has been reset as against Fridays.


The jackpot for Euro is another money-spinning part of Western Lotto, easy to play.

How to play Western lotto Jackpot for Euro

  • A total of 60 numbers are available
  • These 60 numbers are divided into 2, 50 and 10 numbers.
  • The objective is to pick out 5 consecutive matching numbers from the 50.
  • Then pick out 2 numbers from the other 10 numbers.


The United Kingdom lottery popularly known to be the national lotto was established in  1994 is played on Wednesday and Sundays.

How To Play Western lotto Lottery UK

  • A player is to pick from 6 digits from a 1 – 59 option of numbers and if the 6 ball picks.
  • These 6 balls picked has to be the same with the main balls drawn out by the company, if they’re the same congrats you just won millions of money.


This another money-spinning game you should consider. The MML game can make you rich or poor if you lose.

How to play Million mega lottery

  • The player is required to make a selection of any 6 numbers he dims fit with 5 from a number range of 1 to  75 then pick another 1 from the numbers 1 – 15.
  • To win the jackpot a player should be able to have made a matching selection of the 6 numbers set at the drawings.
  • Expect draws for prize on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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