Important Documents Needed When Buying A Used Car

Important Documents Needed When Buying A Used Car
Some may not know what documents, I mean important documents they are to ask of when buying a used car in Nigeria.
Some end up not getting the important ones, and in the long run have problems with Federal road safety, police or even customs. This documents will help you avoid such embarrassing situation, and possibly criminal action against you in the case of stolen property.
You need to get your car’s worth, this includes the papers below.
1. custom documents.  Should be fully stamped them check whether all things tally like name and model of car, VIN and all payments were made. 
Mostly some may be  papers could be photocopy if multiple cars were cleared by one dealer but make sure it is a clear crisp document not faded paper and don’t take the nobody will ask you for customer paper excuse, it could spell doom or stolen vehicle.
2. CMR (computerized motor registration) original copy
3. Current insurance (original copy)
4. Vehicle licence (original copy)
5. Road worthiness certificate (original copy)
6. Plate number allocation (original copy)
7. Original proof of ownership fully stamped
8. You will collect two printed and signed documents 
a. Change of ownership document
b. Receipt of purchase from previous owner
There are some other documents you may need like
1. Tinted permit doc (for cars that are tinted)
2. police report/doc of change of ownership/plate number/engine number (which is called vin)
Note: Is important you see the change of ownership letter given to the buyer duly signed when he first bought it as Nigerian. Make sure you have your affidifix showing change of ownership.

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