Factory Workers Needed In China

Both skilled and unskilled workers are needed in China.
Factory Workers Needed In China
Skilled workers needed in the following field 
Phone repair tech
Masons (brick layers) 
Chefs ( African dishes)
And unskilled workers needed too.
Factory boy
Assistants on sales
Gardiners/mower handler
Dish washers  
18 to 35 years
Medical report 
From any African country 
Able to write and speak English.
Free 6 months accommodation, Flight ticket and VISA fees will be provided.
You’ll have to sign out the right of 60% of your yearly payment to the company for two years. 

To get started please subscribe via Facebook messenger  here and have the details sent to you including the name of the company and interview date.
Note from the company: Only 100 slots are required so the earlier you apply the better. We don’t disclose our company’s details publicly. That is why you need to Reserve your slot via Facebook messenger HERE
If the slots are filled before you apply we will consider you when next there is an opening. 

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