Current Prices of Iron & Steel Rods in Nigeria

Are you building a house in the country? Or do you want to start building a house, perhaps you are decking your house or someone else house? Whatever category you are or whatever stage of building your house is in you need rods, if not now maybe later.

When we talk about rods we are talking about the main type of rods used in the building industry today. To clear the air of the disparity between steel and iron rods.

Steel rods vs Iron rods

Many do not even know that these two rods are the same in the Nigerian market, it is kind of confusing saying hearing steel rods from professional building engineers while hearing iron rods when you go to buy from the market.

Well in Nigeria we call them the same thing although technically Steel should be different from Iron rods.

Source of Iron rod prices

We sampled the major Timber/building materials markets in Nigeria
– The building materials market at Aba
– The Timber at Onitsha
– The one in Lagos
– The one in Kano
– The market in Markudi
– The market in Calabar
– The market at Yola

We got the average from these major building material markets representing the six geopolitical zones of the country.

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Iron rods (full folded length)

16 mm – N3800- N4000
12 mm – N2600 – N3000
8 mm – N1500 – N2000

12 MM rods and binding wire
12 MM rods and binding wire

20 m of 3.5 BRC Mesh – N13 ,000 – N14,000
20 m of 4.0 mm BRC Mesh – N16,000 – N17,000
25 m of 4.0 mm BRC Mesh – N24,000 – N26, 000
1 roll of flexible Binding wire – N7,000 – N8,000
10 kg bundle of flexible binding wire – N47,000 – N48,000
1 roll of stiff binding wire – N7,000 – N7,500
10 kg bundle of stiff binding wire – N47,000 – N50,000

Note: All prices are in Nigerian naira. Most major markets can sell cheaper, but it won’t be over the above-quoted prices.

The 25mm and 20mm rods prices are not quoted here as there is no fixed price, you can hardly see it in the markets unless you order it through the building material seller or the company.

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