Cost Of Wood For Roofing In Nigeria

Cost Of Wood For Roofing In Nigeria

When it comes to roofing a house in Nigeria knowing the cost of wood is important. If you have a plan it should be included in, if you don’t have one, you should endeavor to get your plan in place.

Your plan should include the plan for the house detailing milestones, for example from January to this February I would have finished the foundation, from February to June I would have reached lintel for a ground house or reached decking for a story building house or duplex.

This helps you track your progress, check your budget and adjust where approximate, most importantly it helps you stay focused and on a lighter note avoid village people.

Let enter the market and see the prices of woods sellers in Timber markets are insisting on.

Sizes of roofing woods in Nigeria

Wood or timber are produced in different sizes for roofing, these sizes are listed below along with their measurement in inches and millimeters.

2” by 2” i.e 50mm by 50mm

2” by 3” i.e 50mm by 75mm

2” by 4” i.e 50mm by 100mm

2” by 6” i.e 50mm by 150mm

3” by 4” i.e 75mm by 100mm

3” by 6” i.e 75mm by 150mm

Cost of Wood For Roofing in Nigeria

There are two main types of wood in Nigeria, hardwood, and softwood.

You get hardwood from a deciduous tree which loses its leaves every year and softwood comes from a conifer, which is often evergreen, Hardwoods are slow growers and are dense.

For the prices it depends on the market, the prices are a combination of key timber markets in Nigeria, from the cities of Lagos, Aba, Port Harcourt, Benue, Kano, Sokoto representing Southwest, Southeast, Northcentral/middle belt, Northeast and Northwest respectively. It might not be exact as the priced are subject to change but we will be updating it.

Prices of Hardwoods for roofing in Nigeria

2×2 – N300 – N400
2×3 – N200 – N230
2×4 – N300 – N500
2×5 – N400 – N600
2×6 – N500 – N650
3×4 – N500 – N700

Prices of Softwood in Nigeria

2x 4 x 12 – N200 – N270
2 x 3 x 12 – N100 – N270
1x2x12 – N400 – N500

All prices are in Nigerian Naira.

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