Cost of Lintel Beam Construction in Nigeria

This post is all about the minimum and in some cases maximum cost of adding lintel beam to your building in Nigeria. Your building is gradually taking shape, after your foundation you have the block settings, now the blocks have reached the level where you’ll want to cast it. Which is known in building terms as a lintel.

So how do you know how much money you should spend when it comes to your house lintel? I’m not going to talk about the exact cost of lintel for a particular building as I don’t know the size of that building, but this article will focus on the average cost which will give you a rough idea of how much and the materials involved in completing the lintel side of your building.
There are two types of lintel in Nigeria, either you run the whole building or you do for only doors and windows, your site engineer will advise you best. But most bungalows especially the ones that will stay as bungalows forever run their lintel construction on doors and windows. But if in future you’ll want to convert your bungalow to upstairs or story buildings, it’s advisable you run your lintel all through.

Materials needed for Lintel construction

  • Sharp sand
  • Gravel (Maggi or normal stone)
  • Cement
  • Iron rods, binding wire.
  • Boards 2×3
  • Nails
  • Labour ( include Mason plus servant, and carpenter)

For most lintels, the iron rods will run as four in numbers usually 12mm rods are okay for this and the ones that form rings around each lintel (known as still rods) will be made of 10mm. The spacing of the rings can be from 150mm to 300mm but let’s use 200mm as the average. To board this concrete lintel planks and 2 by 3 wood will also be needed so that it can carry the wet concrete mix that will be poured on it to form the lintel.

When it comes to the actual cost of this project, see the current prices of the above-named materials that are needed.

1. For sand: A trip is around 17 to 20,000 naira.

2. Stone gravel: Full trip is 45,000 Naira.

3. Cement: 2400 Naira, now 3,500 in some cities

4. Iron rods: You need 12mm rods, which is 2500 naira per full length

5. Board: One full board is around 900 to 1100 Naira.

6. Nail: 800 Naira a pound’s weight

7. Labour: can be negotiated.

You can now calculate how much you need before you start the Lintel for your building.

You just have to put some of the factors into consideration factors like how much how big or small your building is, the bigger the house the more materials it will take, the more materials it will take which involves more money, or what type of lintel you’ll want to do, running the whole building lintel cost more than just doing for doors and windows.

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