8 Essays About Canada – Know More About Canada

Canada is a country that is notably known as the Great White North, with its capital known as Great Britain. It is one of the many countries people love to visit and even immigrate to because of its resourcefulness.

However, there are specific things one should consider before making a trip or even immigrating to Canada.

1. Canada Wants Immigrants

The government of Canada plans to have in their country over 1.2 million immigrants as permanent residents on or before the end of 2024. The reason has been that they want to welcome as many skilled and semi-skilled foreign-trained workers into the workforce of Canada.

2. There are Four Seasons in Canada

Canada is indeed a country of all four seasons. Depending on where you choose to base in Canada, winters will be a bit different, but in all, they will be very cold. The average daytime temp in January is -0.7 degrees Celsius in the daytime, while -6.7 degrees at night.

3. Healthcare, Education, and Social Services Not All are Free in Canada

It is very paramount to note that while there are amazingly public-funded healthcare systems with free services to every Canadian permanent resident and citizen, not every one of them is free, some come with a price. As for getting to see a doctor, it is at no cost but you may have to pay for any of the prescribed medication. It is worthy to note that this also depends on the province you have chosen to live in, this is because some provinces cover most prescribed medications.

4. Moving to Canada Can be Quite Expensive

There are a whole number of things to put into consideration while choosing exactly where in Canada one would want to live. In as much as the major cities like Great Britain, Vancouver and Toronto may offer the most number of job opportunities, it means they also have the highest cost of living.

5. Frequent Change of Job

There are as many job opportunities as possible across the country. You just need to consult the right source, for example, a platform like Canada Job Bank or Indeed to get yourself acquainted with one. From semi to highly skilled positions, the fast emerging Canadian economy is absorbing a whole lot of hard-working individuals from all over the world in order to engage them meaningfully.

6. Your Credit Worthiness is Important in Canada

If you already have a great credit history in your home country which is credible enough, you need to bring proof with you while coming. This will help banks to determine how to start your credit score and also allow you to take out a loan if you wish to buy a car or get a home. You will also need a job offer or employment contract for you to take out a loan because this is how you will be able to pay it back.

7. Canada is Multicultural and No One Colour is Better Than Another

According to a study carried out towards the end of 2019, because no one could actually do such a study in 2020, the UN Population Division found out that 21% of Canada’s population is foreign-born. A major attraction for many immigrants is the equity at which people are been treated in Canada.

8. You Need a Work Permit to Work for you to Work in Canada

If you are immigrating to Canada, with the intention that you want to work, then you will definitely need a temporary foreign work permit to be able to do so. It doesn’t matter if you already applied for permanent residence except you already have PR status, you are required to obtain a temporary foreign work permit (TFWP) before you can legally and officially start working in the country.


Having the desire and intentions to migrate to Canada for any reason whatsoever is a very credible one, but you need to take precautions of the requirements and what is expected so as to relate well and not to become a victim of deportation or imprisonment.

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