Best Cement For Plastering Building in Nigeria

top cement brands in nigeria

What is really the best cement for plastering walls in Nigeria? Or is it that cement is cement no matter what. Well just as we have sands which are

best suited for plastering, we also have cement which is best suited for plastering too. This doesn’t mean you can not use another cement brand to do your plastering work, in short, you won’t notice the difference that much as they are basically the same, but with a slight difference.

Types of cement brands in Nigeria

1. Dangote Cement

2. BUA cement

3. Lafarge cement

4. Ibeto cement. Best Cement For Plastering Building in Nigeria

5. Portland cement. 

These are basically the 5 types of cement available in the market in Nigeria. Each cement is basically the same, but different availability, for example, Dangote cement is readily available while Ibeto cement is not that available. But when it comes to plastering, our sites Mason’s are saying the best is Lafarge superset cement, followed by Ibeto cement if it can be gotten.
They say the Superset sub-brand is thicker and mixes well with that plastering sands, so when plastered it will look like your walls were sandpapered, very smooth with a clear color.
Again opinion varies, you can consult your local Mason or bricklayer to get his opinion on which cement is best for plastering in Nigeria.
NaijaWorth verdict on the best cement Lafarge superset cement.

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